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Women at Three Amazing Organizations Give to DPNCHC

A big DPNCHC thank you to these three organizations and the women who made the donations happen!

ASofT Music Project

As a JAZZ-FM listener, I’ve known about the Alzheimer Society of Toronto’s Music Project for a while now. One day it occurred to me that an iPod with music tailored to the tastes of participants in the Seniors Program would be helpful for our participants who are experiencing dementia. Nadia Aftab and her staff at AST put together a beautiful iPod filled with songs sung in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and English, including music by Canadian bands specifically mentioned by participants. When the iPod was ready for pickup, Nadia let me know, and I was able to thank her in person. Anastasia the receptionist was kind enough to pose for this photograph!

The Period Purse

While researching how to get menstrual supplies for our participants, I came across The Period Purse. Maxine Katz from TPP organized a donation for DPNCHC and delivered it in mid November! As a result, the cupboards at Main Reception are now filled with menstrual supplies, which are very difficult for our under-housed and homeless participants to afford.

Fix The Six

E-meeting Deanna Lentini, founder of Fix The 6ix, was inspiring. This young Masters student somehow finds the time to run a grassroots organization that addresses poverty in Toronto and humanizes homelessness. Within 2 hours of my contacting her, Deanna personally contacted me and stated that she would find a way of getting menstrual supplies to our clients. She has now scheduled a delivery for December.


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