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EarlyON Child & Family Centre

A supportive place for parents, caregivers, and young children.

The Davenport-Perth EarlyON Child and Family Centre is a welcoming and inclusive place where parents and caregivers can bring their young children to play, explore, sing, and connect with others. 


We offer a variety of free early learning programs and provide information and support on parenting, settlement and child development, including:


  • Drop-ins and group activities

  • Workshops, skills development programs, and training

  • Health and development screening

  • Perinatal support and pregnancy nutrition programs,

  • Referrals, information, and links to other services in the community

  • Access to dietitians and public health nurses

  • Online resources

Want to join these programs? Please contact:

416-588-3755 ext. 550 or 560


Le Centre francophone de Toronto offre des programmes diversifies pour vos enfants en francais:


Client impacts we work towards in Early Years
  • Increased Capacity

  • Increased Well-Being

  • Better Health Outcomes

Languages Offered

  • Bengali

  • English

  • Hindi

  • Mandarin

  • Portuguese

  • Spanish

  • Tamil

  • Urdu

Child Development Resources
Parent & Caregiver Supports