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Love Notes to Neighbours a “Vital Innovation”

Imagine coming home to an inspiring message on your doorknob sent from your neighbour. Or finding beautiful chalk drawings of birds and flowers on your sidewalk.

How would this make you feel about your community?

This past June, DPNCHC’s Community Development and Health Promotion department held its first “Love Notes to Neighbours” event, where Davenport residents came together to draw positive and uplifting images and messages. Some wrote their notes on cards and handed them out to people on the street, while others created mini chalk art installations around the neighbourhood.

We’re proud to announce that the Toronto Foundation has named the “Love Notes to Neighbours” project as one of its three Vital Innovation award winners. The Vital Innovations awards recognize the city’s “most transformative, scalable innovations” that “improve quality of life in Toronto by addressing issues facing our city.”

More details to come on how we’ll be expanding upon this fun and uplifting project!


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