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The “Cramper” is unveiled at Davenport-Perth

Homeless man’s mobile ‘Cramper’ is size of fish hut.

By: Anna Gutmanis

On my way to work today, I read the article Homeless man’s mobile ‘Cramper’ is size of fish hut in Star Metro. Little did I know that I would encounter both the inventor and his invention upon arriving at DPNCHC! Dan, a humble and media-shy person, asked his friend to speak with journalists who had assembled in the Outside Garden beside his mobile home. He has taken the concept of the tiny home and downsized it, making his Cramper completely portable. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention – and in Dan’s case, the precursor to activism. He hopes that other people in his situation will be able to put Crampers to good use.

Having met and talked with Dan on a number of occasions, I told him that I did not realize he is both an engineer and an inventor. In typical Dan style, he replied “Yes, people think I’m just another pretty face!” Here’s hoping that this wonderful face and the brainy man behind it will help launch a movement to find affordable homes for all, tiny as they may be.


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