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Ramp Project

Build/ install ramps in the community to improve accessibility.

The short step in front of many buildings can prevent residents with mobility issues from fully accessing their own neighbourhood. Determined to build a more inclusive Davenport, our Community Advisory Group launched the Davenport Community Ramp Project in late 2015. Dozens of volunteers canvassed the area, drawing attention to physical barriers and offering free removable ramps to local shops and nonprofits. In partnership with StopGap foundation these ramps were custom-built by volunteers, and brightly painted to spread feelings of positivity and raise awareness about the importance of accessibility. By the end of the project, our 40 volunteers partnered with local shops and services agencies to install 18 new ramps, creating 18 more spaces where all members of our community can feel welcomed and supported. Want to get involved? For more information contact: 416 656 8025 ext 204 Want to volunteer? For more information contact: 416 656 8025 ext 377

Location Details

  • Davenport Road

    1900 Davenport Road, Toronto, ON, Canada

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