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Portraits of Davenport

A photo art initiative that captures the community.

The Portraits of Davenport were another chapter in DPNCHC’s long history of working with local residents, artists, and businesses to promote a more caring, connected, and healthy community. This photo project was an intergenerational art initiative that brought together community members aged 13 to 80 to learn about photography in an inclusive, expressive environment. Participants met with local artists to learn about portraiture, build their photography skills, and discuss critical ideas about who we are, where we come from, and where we are going. Their collection of portraits explore issues of self-image, identity, and self-expression. These compelling images illustrate the importance of connecting with one another to tell our stories and improve our well-being. The collection was proudly displayed at local gallery Erin Stump Projects in June of 2017, and is now permanently installed in the halls of DPNCHC. Want to get involved? For more information contact: 416 656 8025 ext 204 Want to volunteer? For more information contact: 416 656 8025 ext 377

Location Details

  • Davenport Road

    1900 Davenport Road, Toronto, ON, Canada

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